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Like humans, animals respond well to nutritional therapy i.e. changes to the animal's diet, and supplements including vitamins, minerals, and tissue salts.

Even I'm still surprised when simple changes made to their diet, or a supplement, translates to a great improvement in the animal's health.

I am also able to assist in formulating a suitable diet for your pet.

Did you know..

  • A natural cat diet should be around 80% fresh meat chunks, fish or offal
  • A natural dog diet should consist of 60-90% of raw meat, raw fat, raw bone, fish and offal; and 10-40% veges, fruit, egg, wholegrains, yoghurt and soft cheese
  • To never feed your dog or cat cooked bone
  • Cats may become addicted to tuna and that it depletes vitamin E

Whether you decide to go for a completely natural diet, or would like to incorporate some foods or supplements into your pet's current diet, you will know that they are receiving the required nutrients to keep them healthy to a ripe old age.



Leanne Wilson (Sydney, Australia)

Phone: 0402 313 104

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K. Schweigert, Clovelly NSW

“Leanne has successfully treated my dog and cats for the past two years. We have had great success with an old dog who joined our family when his owner was unable to care for him any longer.


J. Norman, Erskineville NSW

"Leanne is a gifted and amazing homeopath/animal healer. My cat Tesla is one of those highly strung animals with a variety of health issues and a feisty temperament.


Gaby, Newington NSW

Leanne came out to see Leo, our 11 year old Labrador as he has testicular cancer, and due to his age the vet is unable to operate.


N. Judge, Coogee NSW

“I have been using Leanne’s services for over a year now, I originally got her in because nothing could help my cat Izzy get over her excruciating urinary tract infection which left her urinating blood all over the house, I tried antibiotics and steroids but it just kept returning.

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